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10/14/23 Trailer/RV update

Posted on: October 14, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi everyone, hope things are well I’m writing this to provide an update. There are passionate feelings on both sides of this topic.

As most of you know, we received an itemized complaint this spring naming 13 properties in violation of CCR #15:

15. No tractor-trailer rigs (as a unit or the individual components thereof) or buses shall
be parked or stored on any tract, except in the normal course of making deliveries or providing
services to the tract. Any recreational vehicle, boat, trailer or camper trailer must be parked so as to
be screened so that it cannot be viewed from nearby tracts or the street.

We had mailed/shipped notifications to each of the properties and any property not in compliance since then. This amounts to 53 different mailings since starting this process. As of today 10/14/23 there is not a single property in violation.

I want to thank most of you for your understanding and cooperation. Most of you were very gracious in your reply and responded with the respect and courtesy you would expect from neighbors interacting with neighbors. As we mentioned a few times, this is not the rule of the current volunteer HOA board, this is a recorded rule in place before most of us were here when Beckenham was founded. Because the complaint was made it was our duty to enforce rule. This rule can be changed with enough votes and if you are interested in changing the rule please contact us for the needed information to make that change.

Unfortunately, there were those that did not agree with violation letters and fines and chose to argue them instead or skirt compliance in different ways. We were fair and consistent in interacting with every property on this issue. Here’s what we are asking moving forward:

If you have a need to temporarily bring a trailer, RV or boat to your property please notify us first by email. If the amount of time is reasonable (loading/unloading – cleaning, quick repairs etc) we can log it and have a quick vote to approve these scenarios. If you don’t contact us in advance you risk receiving a violation letter and or a fine that you may not be happy with. Please don’t make this already difficult task more difficult for us – thank you in advance.

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