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11/27/23 Christmas Lights

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

This post is to recognize Jackie E and Mark E for their ownership of our entrance Christmas Decor this year. They took the time to collect donations, plan/organize what would be done and installed everything. It looks amazing and our entrance is now something to be proud of.

Some neighborhoods have thousands per year budgeted for third party companies to put up and take down lights and decor every year (and have much higher HOA fees) which we don’t have.

It’s only through Jackie and Mark’s time volunteered and the donations of the below families that this was able to happen:

Wise, Arnold, Cobb, Yeoman, Causey, Jackley, Watts, Cook, Beck, Espinal, Cortez, Korfel, Warren, Constantinides, Adams, Burtner, Falkovsky, Soetmadji, Hendrick, Junkins, Peterson, Standley, Cecka, Busby, Pope, Bird, Hansen, Nikolich, Huchinson, Markners, Gluff, Page, Collins and Baucom. The HOA had $250 budgeted which was also used.

Thank you again to Jackie and Mark and everyone that donated to make this possible! If anyone has interest in volunteering for the HOA board there are two open seats for the next two year term, please let me know by the end of December – 803 701 0046 cell phone. *cross posted on Facebook*

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