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2024 Annual Meeting Update

Posted on: March 7, 2024

Posted by: Beckenham Fort Mill

We had a great turnout for our Saturday Annual Meeting!  For those who were not able to attend, we reviewed HOA activity in 2023, including landscaping updates, covenant violations addressed, and improvements made through our volunteer committees. We also covered the budget, and reviewed plans to continue to improve our neighborhood in 2024. Neighbors had the opportunity to raise questions and concerns during the meeting and through a Q & A session at the end of the meeting. 

Prior to the meeting, we communicated the following information to homeowners via the webpage, Facebook, and a note in each mailbox: 

  • Review the covenants so you know what is allowed
  • Address any current issues so the Board does not have to follow up
  • Items we will address with notices and follow up moving forward:
    • Architectural projects – all exterior projects must go through ARC for approval. 
    • Primary issues:  (these are issues every year regardless of current Board)
      • RVs/Trailers/ATVs/Boats etc. stored within view from the street.  A tarp or other material covering the item is not a sufficient solution to storing an item on your driveway, lawn or backyard. If it can be seen from the street view, you are in violation.
      • Yard debris/ construction debris
      • Pets: roaming, waste, barking
      • Speed – Posted Speed Limit is 20 mph
      • Parking on the street – blocks roads for homeowners, service vehicles and busses

We also addressed these items at the meeting and communicated that homeowners who have not addressed existing CCR violations will receive a violation notice as a next step. There are currently more than 10 properties in violation of the trailer and/or yard debris covenants, for example. There are also a few annual days outstanding, and those homeowners have been contacted.  

Our HOA Board may be contact with questions or concerns via the contact form on the webpage or via email:

Comprehensive meeting notes were posted on the Beckenham private Facebook page and will be emailed to the addresses we have on file with our directory.

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