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9/20/22 update and Christmas lights

Posted on: September 20, 2022

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi, thanks to Sheri Junkins for taking ownership of our neighborhood Christmas decorations and lighting!

A company called Charlotte Trimlight was selected to install permanent year round lights on our sign and the myrtle trunks along the island.

These led lights are programmable (colors, styles, patterns, dates, etc.) and will be used not only for Christmas but for Halloween and other holidays – for example for 4th of July we can illuminate the sign and trees in red, white and blue.

Charlotte Trimlight specializes in permanent hidden holiday lighting installed inside a color matched to your home metal trim. If anyone would like to contact them for lighting, their number is 980 328 3307 the owner is Brian and they are based out of Waxhaw.

Sheri is also looking for volunteers to put up additional Christmas decorations – as we get closer to that holiday please reach out if you can help.

Thanks again to Sheri for taking the time to get the lights set up and programmed, they are still being tested and worked with.

Off topic, if anyone has lawn care recommendations, we are interested looking at other companies for the common areas. The current provider has been given many chances to improve and has not.

Please reply or message with suggestions I know many of you have near perfect fescue lawns and we would like to see the entrance just as nice.

Thank you! *also cross posted on the Beckenham Facebook page*

Beckenham Trimlight installed on sign

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