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Planting & Grad Banner Update

Hi everyone, thanks to Deneen D for planning, picking up and planting our summer annuals along with Deb K and I. Deneen chose a spreading plant called Pacifica XP Mix Vinca that flowers like the above photo. I’m excited to see how they develop and grow. The next round of annuals get planted in the […]

Deadline this week for graduation banner names

*cross posted from Alyson’s Facebook post – for those without Facebook* Since we have so many schools we are celebrating this year, I decided to leave off the names for each Deadline is this Friday to get any other senior names added. If not will get it ordered. Thanks. Please contact Alyson S directly if […]

Happenings 2/4/24

Hi everyone, I hope things are well and you’re having a great start to 2024. A few things to communicate: *cross posted in the Beckenham HOA Facebook group*

11/27/23 Christmas Lights

Hi, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! This post is to recognize Jackie E and Mark E for their ownership of our entrance Christmas Decor this year. They took the time to collect donations, plan/organize what would be done and installed everything. It looks amazing and our entrance is now something to be proud […]

Board Openings & Misc 11/9/23

Hi everyone, a couple quick things please: Would anyone like to volunteer for the HOA board? we have two seats open for the next two years. Andrey will not be running for re-election (one open seat) and I haven’t decided to run again or not. The last seat is held by Bertrand S, he has […]

Christmas Decoration Help

Copy/pasted from Mark E’s Facebook post: Good evening Beckenham families! The holidays are here and I was asked to take our neighborhood light display to the next level. I’m happy to help, but was reaching out to you all to see who would be interested in donating to the cause. Our neighborhood budget stands at […]

Entrance Planting

Hi, thanks to everyone for their help yesterday. I’m happy to say we had enough help to finish everything in one weekend – no need for another day next Saturday. Thanks to Deneen for planning, coordinating, handing out flyers and helping with the entire process. Also, thanks to volunteers Bertrand S (our HOA treasurer) who […]

Volunteers needed this Saturday

Hi everyone, reminder that this up and coming Saturday (and the Saturday after) we will be planting at the entrance and need some help. Details: Saturday 10/21 8-9am move plants from 1011 Oakenshaw to entrance 9-1pm planting at entrance Saturday 10/28 8-9am move remaining plants from 1011 Oakenshaw to entrance 9-1am finish planting at entrance […]

10/14/23 Trailer/RV update

Hi everyone, hope things are well I’m writing this to provide an update. There are passionate feelings on both sides of this topic. As most of you know, we received an itemized complaint this spring naming 13 properties in violation of CCR #15: 15. No tractor-trailer rigs (as a unit or the individual components thereof) […]