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Board Openings & Misc 11/9/23

Posted on: November 9, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi everyone,

a couple quick things please:

Would anyone like to volunteer for the HOA board? we have two seats open for the next two years. Andrey will not be running for re-election (one open seat) and I haven’t decided to run again or not. The last seat is held by Bertrand S, he has another year left on his term.

Responsibilities include devoting time to send out mailings when needed, receiving mail (including checks and depositing them), sending out checks when bills are due and responding to HOA related requests – for example, changes to the exterior of homes (architectural review, ensuring what is asked meets the CCRs/bylaws), responding to complaints/issues and also interacting with real estate attorneys when they need information for closing. Some other tasks involve providing HOA approval letters for York county when needed, communicating happenings with property owners, meeting with the contractors that maintain our common areas and responding to new issues as they arise. For example, the street sign on Hoxton/Crofton just started leaning on an angle (maybe it was hit?) and needs to be fixed, it would be the responsibility of the board to find someone to fix it or fix it themselves. Last year the sign was leaning and Andrey and I pushed it back into place, but it’s leaning again.

I wanted to provide the above information to paint a picture for candidates considering volunteering. It does involve a two-year time commitment, and in my opinion, someone that works from home or is semi-retired/retired would be ideal. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know by the middle of December so we can enter your information on the ballot.

Aside from the above HOA stuff, anyone also interested in a monthly poker game and also monthly lunches out with neighbors, please let me know – there has been some interest in making this happen.

Please feel free to contact me about any or all of the above 803 701 0046 or

*cross posted on Facebook for those that don’t check the website*

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