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Entrance Gravel Fix

Posted on: September 5, 2022

Posted by: Doug K.

Thanks to Manuel and his crew from Texas Pine Straw for their help this past weekend.

As brought up at the annual meeting, the entrance grass on either side had been worn down by traffic. Silt from both hillsides had filled up the drainage swales and stopped up water, preventing it from draining.

The drainage swales on both sides were dug out. Underlayment was pinned to the ground inside the swales and gravel was placed in the swale. The path area was then dug out and gravel was placed up into the hillside and also to meet the street. Grass seed was planted with straw cover on the sides.

We did have some rain today and everything looks to be working as expected.

Manuel and his crew have worked at many of our homes in the neighborhood. His prices are very reasonable. He spreads pine straw, mulch, stone and similar. He also installs sod and does basic landscaping if anyone has a project: here’s his cell phone number 843 337 0160 texting is ok.

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