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Entrance Lighting Update & Fixes

Posted on: February 20, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi everyone, here’s an update on the landscape lighting entrance issues we have had and what we came up with.

Over time the large lawn mowers that cut our entrance grass on the slope on both sides behind the holly trees damaged the transformers that power our landscape lighting. Andrey patched them up himself last year, and it happened again on both sides this year.

As a permanent fix we enlisted the help of electrician Joey Frailing to fix the connections and relocate the transformers to the back of their support posts (putting the post itself in between where the lawn mowers travel and the transformer). Joey is friends with a few of us in the neighborhood and helped us at a very modest rate. If anyone needs part time assistance from an electrician nights and weekends, here’s Joey’s info: 262 352 5622.

Transformer relocation

Second, thanks to Alyson S for putting us in contact with a landscape lighting company called Limelight. Limelight has a program where they maintain HOA area landscape lighting for free (HOA purchases materials if needed) if someone in the neighborhood purchases a lighting package from them. Myself at our own home our landscape lighting was broken since we got the house and was beyond repair. We contracted Jeff and his crew to install landscape lighting at our own house and are super pleased with the result, would highly recommend. Photo example of what they did below:

If anyone has a need for landscape lighting or these other services: security lighting, architectural lighting, path lighting, accent lighting or ambient lighting (backyard hanging rope type lights) please give Jeff a call at 704 989 3636 or email

Jeff and his crew repaired two lights at no cost and installed two new lights on the front monument sign (we purchased the lights, they covered the labor).

We have struggled over the past year getting our front entrance lights working, hopefully this is now solved. Thanks, Doug *cross posted on Facebook*

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