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Landscaping Update 9/16/23

Posted on: September 16, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

A special thanks to Bertrand S and Deneen D for their help this weekend at our entrance. Rather than paying the landscaper to pull all the annuals and weeds, they offered to do it themselves and did it.

Details & Steps:

We met with Rocascapes (current landscape contractor). They will move and place the irrigation spray heads where the new annuals will go. They will also roundup the current weeds to kill off the vegetation that always seems to grow through (maintenance nightmare for us). We also made an agreement with Rocascapes to spray weeds weekly also during lawn service moving forward.

Once the roundup has been applied, Manuel from Texas Pine Straw will put down new pine straw over all areas with the exception of the Oakenshaw/Crofton intersection. In that intersection, we are considering a permanent more heavy ground cover like brown rubber mulch (see photo example of the two bags we put out around one of the columns). The issue is here at this intersection the pine straw gets blown back from traffic, driving over the edges etc. The lilies that are there will be moved by Deneen and volunteers up front to the entrance.

As a last step when the temperature is right we’ll gather and plant new annuals and a new perennials up front with volunteers. The plan is to switch out the annuals twice a year, approximately Oct 1 and April 1.

If anyone would like to assist Deneen in planting, help is appreciated – please reach out to Deneen directly to coordinate. She has agreed to be the point person for this effort. It will allow us to stay under budget while improving the common areas. Thanks again to Deneen for her time and assistance!

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