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Last call for volunteers, annual meeting notice

Posted on: December 14, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi everyone!

2023 is almost at a close, here are a few dates specific to the Beckenham HOA

  1. The 2024 annual meeting will be 11am on Saturday March 2nd at the Hickory Tavern on 521. Based on feedback from the 2023 annual meeting, we were able to book this date and switch back to an in-person meeting (no Zoom). The Hickory Tavern was nice enough to book their side room for us as they have done in the past. Attendees can order lunch which would support the Hickory Tavern for allowing us the use of their room.
  2. The annual mailing will be sent out January 6th 2024. If you have interest in running for the HOA board, please email before that date so we can add your name and information to the ballot in the annual mailing.

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