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New Entrance Landscape Lighting

Posted on: November 3, 2022

Posted by: Doug K.

Thanks to Andrey F for taking the time to troubleshoot, pick up and install replacement lighting at our entrance.

There were recent complaints about the sign not being illuminated. We had one light out on the street, one intermittent light on one side of the sign (would go off and on randomly) and one that was not bright on the other side of the sign. Andrey replaced all three and they are working great!

As many of you know we have a limited budget and in order to keep HOA dues low we depend on volunteers like Andrey. Andrey is one of three members of our board and like most of us works full time. Just wanted to make this post to express appreciation for his effort, thank you!

If anyone else has skills or knowledge they would like to contribute for the betterment of our neighborhood, please let us know all help is appreciated.

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