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Note About Crofton/Oakenshaw Intersection And Grounds

Posted on: March 31, 2022

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi everyone – just a quick note about the intersection. As you know we had to remove the bushes for line of sight compliance with the county so drivers could see around the corners there.

Once the bushes were removed the disturbed earth was left and as a quick inexpensive solution we covered the area with pine straw. There has been some discussion about improving that area further and it’s being looked at – different options and their cost etc.

In the meantime I met with Scott from Easy Green (the company that has the contract to maintain our grounds) and he has confirmed that maintenance of that intersection is included in what we are paying for already now. Weekly they will take care of weeds and maintain the pine straw placement etc. along with what they are doing now.

In addition, we talked about the intersection – they plan to implement their spring plantings within 2 weeks and refresh pine straw etc there as well (all part of their contract).

Lastly as discussed in the annual meeting we’re looking at fixes for the mud on either side of the entrance (used by ATVs bikers hikers etc). Water pools up there and doesn’t drain where it’s supposed to any longer. It’s being worked on just wanted to provide an update. Thanks, Doug

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