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Summary of new HOA website fees

Posted on: April 2, 2022

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi, A question has come up about the cost of the new website.


Initial website expense startup: $494.05 year one

2nd year fees: $119.88

3rd + year annual fees for website: $166.05 (at current rates – could be higher by then)

This website and related fees have been paid for by trimming elsewhere from the budget.

For example, the budget planned for $4k for improvements (most notably the intersection of Crofton/Oakenshaw based on the quotes received). The cost to remove the bushes was $750 plus $200 for pine straw with a net savings of $3050.

There are other planned improvements and fixes – for example Christmas lights and fix for ATV damage on either side of entrance (water is damming up, lawn damage from silt, etc) and some possible improvements to plant areas at the entrance.

All of the improvements / spending will be done without increasing dues and paid for under the current budget

The three HOA volunteers Eric, Andrey and I wanted to make it clear that any improvements/changes will not increase the dues that each resident pays. Improvements will be paid for within the current budget.

thanks, Doug

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