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Update 5/11/23

Posted on: May 11, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Hi everyone, a quick update as we head into Summer


I’m happy to report the irrigation up front is now working. It hasn’t worked for some time and fortunately wasn’t expensive to fix. Once the irrigation issue was solved, front annuals were planted along with the removal of overgrown plants and weeds etc.

The plan from here is to make sure the irrigation continues to work and plant perennials in the early fall with a landscape plan being worked on by neighborhood volunteers. Thanks to Andrey for his time getting us to this point and for Jesus and Rocascapes (our weekly lawn maintenance company) for their assistance with irrigation and planting and taking good care of us up front since the beginning of the year. If anyone needs landscaping, irrigation or lawn care please check them out at or call 704 361 3469


A friendly reminder that the grace period for RVs and Trailers ends 5/31. June 1st and beyond, fines will be issued to those that have received letters and have not complied and new letters will go out to those not in compliance. More details to come on this matter. I hope everyone will take the time to do the right thing and move their trailers and RVs – if they are visible from the street they are in violation. Again, this is not our rule it’s the neighborhood rule in place before most of us lived here. Anyone can gather enough votes to change this rule (with the support of 2/3 of Beckenham property owners). For now the rule is the rule, enough time has passed and we are asking you (as volunteers!!) to do the right thing and follow the rule so we don’t have to take up more time to enforce it.


Lastly we have some high school graduates in our neighborhood. Thanks to Alyson S. for volunteering to collect the names of our graduates and put together this banner again for 2023. There was some discussion of adding other types of graduates to the banner as well – but, for now, we will do what we did last year and what other neighboring communities do which is list high school graduates only. Adding other types of graduates can be up for discussion for 2024 and a good topic for our annual meeting if anyone feels strongly about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, more updates to come – *cross posted on Facebook*

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