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Violation Letters 4/14/23

Posted on: April 14, 2023

Posted by: Doug K.

Update 4/14/23

We have received multiple recent complaints about RVs and trailers parked in the neighborhood from property owners.

This was something that was also brought up at the annual meeting. Multiple official complaints were submitted with addresses named of specific properties.

The text from the CCR doc is copied below and the full document is viewable here:

Andrey has volunteered to write and send out violation letters. The letter will state the rule and notify the property owner that they have until 6/1/23 to comply. After 6/1/23 next steps will be taken including fines per day for non-compliant properties. If the fines are not paid HOA liens will be placed on these properties.

No one wants to deal with this unpleasant business. Unfortunately, it’s not a rule that the HOA board made, or something we can change (regardless of if we wanted to or not).

We understand that the rule has been lax for a number of years and wanted to give the affected property owners time to make arrangements for these vehicles and trailers.

Please help us by complying with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions established for our neighborhood. If you don’t agree with this rule (by restricting RV’s/trailers period, allowing all RV’s/trailers period, or allowing temporary placements of RV’s/trailers [for example a 7 day period every 6 months with HOA approval or similar]) the rule can be changed.

We invite anyone who is passionate about this issue and wants to make a change to go about it the right way – put together a proposal and gain 66.6% of the required proxy votes to change the rule.

Until then, please don’t make our volunteer job more difficult and help us out. Our HOA dues are a fraction of what similar neighborhoods pay and we aren’t paying for a management company.

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